Nigeria - Bgirl Power

Bboys & Bgirls Africa (5/7)

Bboys & Bgirls Africa


South Africa - Breaking the Rules

Bboys & Bgirls Africa (1/7)

Morocco - Arabic Power Moves

Bboys & Bgirls Africa (2/7)

Algeria - No Escape

Bboys & Bgirls Africa (3/7)

Democratic Republic of Congo - Each One Teach One

Bboys & Bgirls Africa (4/7)

Nigeria - Bgirl Power

Bboys & Bgirls Africa (5/7)

France/Algeria - Double muscle

Bboys & Bgirls Africa (6/7)

Algeria - No Limits

Bboys & Bgirls Africa (7/7)

Nigeria - Bgirl PowerBboys & Bgirls Africa (5/7)

If there is one city that embodies Africa's economic and cultural boom, it is the sprawling Lagos, the continent's largest metropolis. The city that gave us Nollywood and Afrobeat, breaking is now breaking out onto the scene. Cruxy is spearheading the revolution of African Bgirl Power, in a genre that is male-dominated.

Duration :

9 min

Available :

From 01/10/2021 to 16/03/2024

Genre :

Documentaries and Reportage

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