Truman Burbank / Kurdish Paradise / Fantasy RealismTracks

32 min
Available from 23/12/2020 to 25/11/2023

Truman Burbank, a 35-year-old skateboarder from Paris, has a sense of humor as sharp as his stunts; A visit to Erbil with DJ Zana, DJ Mustafa, singer Chopi and rapper Hawta, all exponents of Kurdish music; Fantasy realism in the theatre with Belgian company Still Life and the French playwright Philippe Quesne; German artist Christina Kubisch has been working with sound for 50 years.

  • Director :
    • Realisateurs Differents
  • Journalist :
    • David Combe
    • Jean-Marc Barbieux
  • Country :
    • France
  • Year :
    • 2020