Tracks: Dexter Wansel / Heather Young / Cyberinvisibles / Oneohtr

31 min
Available from 11/06/2020 to 06/05/2023
Dexter Wansel is a legend, and has worked with the likes of Patti LaBelle, Billy Paul and the Jackson Five. His work is now being sampled by American rappers; In her first film, "Murmur", Heather Young blurs the line between reality and fiction; in the face of mass survellience artists are getting creative; and we take a listen to Oneohtrix Point Never and his experimental electro.

  • Director :
    • Realisateurs Differents
  • Journalist :
    • David Combe
    • Jean-Marc Barbieux
  • Country :
    • France
  • Year :
    • 2020