L'incantesimo by MontemezziA rediscovered operatic jewel from Riga

46 min

A rediscovery at the Latvian National Opera The opera L’incantesimo by Italo Montemezzi was forgotten soon after the premiere. Composed in 1943, it is a very late example of Italian verismo in the tradition of Puccini, Mascagni and Leoncavallo. Jānis Liepiņš studied Montemezzi’s work in depth in preparation for this production.

Lord Folco is out hunting in dead of winter when a hind with the face of his beloved wife Giselda appears to him in a vision. In a panic, he stabs the creature and flees. A necromancer warns him that if his love for Giselda is to survive, he must find the mortally stricken hind and tend her wounds. Meanwhile, Giselda’s own feelings for her former suitor Rinaldo have been rekindled…

The great exponents of Italian verismo, Puccini, Leoncavallo and Mascagni, are among the musical heroes whom Montemezzi cites in his opera – along with Richard Strauss and Richard Wagner. The 45-minute-long L’incantesimo (The Love Spell) of 1943 was premiered posthumously in Verona in 1952, but has rarely been performed since then.

The thirty-year-old Latvian conductor Jānis Liepiņš has studied Montemezzi’s work in depth and this new production for the Latvian National Opera draws on various archive versions of it. The staging is the work of the Armenian director Aik Karapetian in collaboration with the set designer A. J. Weissbard, the costume designer Kristīne Pasternaka and the video artist Artis Dzērve. In 2016 the same team staged a new production of Charles Gounod’s Faust, also in Riga.

Dana Bramane is to sing the part of Giselda, Vladislav Sulimsky Lord Folco, Irakli Kakhidze Rinaldo and Romāns Poļisadovs the necromancer Salomone.

  • With :
    • Vladislav Sulimsky (Folco )
    • Dana Bramane (Giselda )
    • Irakli Kakhidze (Rinaldo )
    • Romāns Polisadovs (Salomone )
    • Rihards Millers (A Servant )
  • Composer :
    • Italo Montemezzi
  • Director :
    • Aik Karapetian
  • TV production :
    • Gints Fārenhorsts
  • Music director :
    • Jānis Liepins
  • Choreography :
    • Liene Grava
  • Sets :
    • A.J. Weissbard
  • Costumes :
    • Kristīne Pasternaka
  • Lighting :
    • A.J. Weissbard
  • Video :
    • Artis Dzērve
  • Country :
    • Latvia
  • Year :
    • 2019