Flower Hackers

Jurassic Web (5/7)

Jurassic Web - A Prehistory of Social Media


Phone Phreaks

Jurassic Web (1/7)

The Galaxy of Fanzines

Jurassic Web (2/7)

Song In the Machine

Jurassic Web (3/7)

The Angry Network

Jurassic Web (4/7)

Flower Hackers

Jurassic Web (5/7)

The Geeks Awaken

Jurassic Web (6/7)

The Minitel Underground

Jurassic Web (7/7)

Flower HackersJurassic Web (5/7)

In the early 1970s information technology was still in the hands of big industry and the military. But a collective of geeky hippies in San Francisco wanted to change that by creating an open network for sharing just about anything.

Duration :

6 min

Available :

From 14/09/2020 to 09/07/2023

Genre :

Documentaries and Reportage

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