The Galaxy of Fanzines
Jurassic Web (2/7)

Jurassic Web - A Prehistory of Social Media


Phone Phreaks

Jurassic Web (1/7)

The Galaxy of Fanzines

Jurassic Web (2/7)

Song In the Machine

Jurassic Web (3/7)

The Angry Network

Jurassic Web (4/7)

Flower Hackers

Jurassic Web (5/7)

The Geeks Awaken

Jurassic Web (6/7)

The Minitel Underground

Jurassic Web (7/7)

The Galaxy of FanzinesJurassic Web (2/7)

As countercultures emerged in the United States in the 60's, the mimeograph, an archaic and totally outdated machine, became the tool of choice for young people to bypass government censorship and disseminate revolutionary ideas, create communities, and share fanfiction. This was the 1960s internet.

Duration :

6 min

Available :

From 14/09/2020 to 09/07/2023

Genre :

Documentaries and Reportage

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