Versailles 1685 (1996)

Retrogaming Made in France (6/10)

Captain Blood (1988)

Retrogaming Made in France (1/10)

Future Wars (1989)

Retrogaming Made in France (2/10)

Another World (1991)

Retrogaming Made in France (3/10)

Alone in the Dark (1992)

Retrogaming Made in France (4/10)


Retrogaming Made in France (5/10)

5 min

Megarace (1993)

Retrogaming Made in France (7/10)


Retrogaming Made in France (8/10)

Versailles 1685 (1996)Retrogaming Made in France (6/10)

Sébastien Siraudeau was still an intern when he worked on Versailles 1685, a meticulously developed game that reassured parents that their children were learning something about history.

Duration :

5 min

Available :

From 21/11/2019 to 07/10/2022

Genre :

Documentaries and Reportage

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