We're the First

Concrete Feeling (7/10)

Concrete Feeling



Concrete Feeling (1/10): Rap and Politics

On Mission

Concrete Feeling (2/10)


Concrete Feeling (3/10)

Each to Their Own Gang

Concrete Feeling (4/10)

Interlude [Police]

Concrete Feeling (5/10)

Serious Business

Concrete Feeling (6/10)

We're the First

Concrete Feeling (7/10)

Authenticity [Part II]

Concrete Feeling (8/10)

We're the FirstConcrete Feeling (7/10)

In 1996, after a law was passed demanding that 40 percent of the music played on French radio be French, the radio station Skyrock became THE station to go to to listen to rap, and its influence grew to the point that it was Skyrock that could make or break music careers.

It's been a love-hate relationship between the commercial radio and the artists who need to get them to play their tracks - whilst resisting the influence commercial appeal has on their work.

Duration :

8 min

Available :

From 17/05/2019 to 27/03/2022

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