Each to Their Own Gang
Concrete Feeling (4/10)

Concrete Feeling



Concrete Feeling (1/10): Rap and Politics

On Mission

Concrete Feeling (2/10)


Concrete Feeling (3/10)

Each to Their Own Gang

Concrete Feeling (4/10)

Interlude [Police]

Concrete Feeling (5/10)

Serious Business

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We're the First

Concrete Feeling (7/10)

Authenticity [Part II]

Concrete Feeling (8/10)

Each to Their Own GangConcrete Feeling (4/10)

The rapper is a social animal. He moves in groups and collectives, like Time Bomb or Beat 2 Boul. They're like famillies, only with a message and a vision. And maybe that family is necessary: during the height of racial tensions in 90s France, controversial immigration laws left many communities feeling under attack. 


Duration :

7 min

Available :

From 14/05/2019 to 27/03/2022

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