On Mission

Concrete Feeling (2/10)


Concrete Feeling (1/10): Rap and Politics

7 min


Concrete Feeling (3/10)

Each to Their Own Gang

Concrete Feeling (4/10)

Interlude [Police]

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Serious Business

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We're the First

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Authenticity [Part II]

Concrete Feeling (8/10)

On MissionConcrete Feeling (2/10)

The mainly BAME neighbourhoods of Paris were places mainstream media didn't go and didn't talk about. So the local rapper's became the CNN of their communities. They rapped about unemployment, police violence, everyday racism and lack of a future. They wanted to be heard by the society that had pushed them to the fringes.

Duration :

7 min

Available :

From 15/05/2019 to 27/03/2022

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