French Game (10/11)

Blocked - Casseurs Flowteurs

French Game - The Story of French Rap


Supreme NTM

French Game (1/11)

MC Solaar Conquers the Radio

French Game (2/11)

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Losers Take the Wheel - Time Bomb

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The Doctor Will See You Now: Doc Gynéco

French Game (5/11)

IAM's Tomorrow is Far

French Game (6/11)

Black Fear - Oxmo Puccino

French Game (7/11)

In the Club by TTC

French Game (8/11)

Boulbi by Booba

French Game (10/11)Blocked - Casseurs Flowteurs

With the birth of the Internet, it no longer mattered if artists were based in Paris or not. Creativity was decentralised, and democratised. And thanks to music sharing sites like MySpace, Orelsan and Gringe managed to break into the industry with their game-changing sounds. 

Duration :

5 min

Available :

From 10/05/2019 to 10/04/2022

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