Romeo Castellucci Directs The Magic FluteMozart’s masterpiece at La Monnaie

164 min
Available from 13/06/2020 to 12/10/2020
Italian director Romeo Castellucci is famed for his visually haunting, symbolically charged avant-garde opera productions. The artist-director’s staging of Mozart’s fairy-tale opera The Magic Flute at La Monnaie in Brussels stars Sabine Devieilhe as Queen of the Night, conducted by Antonello Manacorda.
After falling head over heels in love with a portrait of the Queen of the Night’s daughter, the beautiful Pamina who has been abducted by Sarastro, Prince Tamino vows to rescue her. Sarastro is the high priest of a society which Tamino is invited to join as long as he can prove himself in a series of trials. His reward will be the hand of Pamina. In the course of their adventures, Tamino’s companion, the bird-catcher Papageno, finds a bride of his own, Papagena. But could Sarastro simply be manipulating them all to his own evil ends? Is he not the chief beneficiary of a society built on the backs of slaves that is utterly at odds with his high ideals of equality?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s enduringly popular "The Magic Flute" is one of the great opera classics of all time. The composer and his librettist Emanuel Schikaneder wove a thinly disguised Masonic message into their fairy-tale plot. Not by chance does the high priest Sarastro set the hero tasks that will test his possession of the enlightened, humanist ideals of Freemasonry: personal responsibility, discretion, and steadfastness.

Romeo Castellucci’s productions are famed for their symbolic potency and clear, powerful messages. For its new production of The Magic Flute, La Monnaie invited Italian conductor Antonello Manacorda, who as a violinist worked with Pierre Boulez, Daniel Harding, and Christopher Hogwood, and who has conducted at the Teatro La Fenice, the Theater an der Wien, Glyndebourne, and the Opéra National de Lyon. Sabine Devieilhe, currently one of Europe’s most sought-after coloratura sopranos, sings the Queen of the Night, while Hungarian bass Gábor Bretz takes the part of Sarastro.

  • With :
    • Gábor Bretz (Sarastro)
    • Ed Lyon (Tamino)
    • Dietrich Henschel (Sprecher)
    • Sabine Devieihle (Königin der Nacht)
    • Sophie Karthäuser (Pamina)
    • Angélique Noldus (Zweite Dame)
    • Tineke van Ingelgem (Erste Dame)
    • Esther Kuiper (Dritte Dame)
    • Georg Nigl (Papageno)
    • Elina Galitskaya (Papagena)
  • Director :
    • Romeo Castellucci
  • TV production :
    • Myriam Hoyer
  • Music director :
    • Antonello Manacorda
  • Choir director :
    • Martino Faggiani
  • Choreography :
    • Cindy van Acker
  • Sets :
    • Romeo Castellucci
  • Lighting :
    • Romeo Castellucci
  • Country :
    • Belgium
  • Year :
    • 2018