Punkovino (4/10)

No God No Boss No Sulfates

Punkovino: Ten Natural Wine Dissidents


Punkovino (1/10)

Batman Poo

Punkovino (2/10)

Underground Collective

Punkovino (3/10)

The Pirate of Mallorca

8 min

Punkovino (6/10)

Gogo Wine From Georgia

Punkovino (7/10)

Wine is not dead

The Belgian UFO

PunkoWino (8/10)

Punkovino (4/10)No God No Boss No Sulfates

In a tiny village in the Corbières in the south of France, Alban Michel has found his promised land. He is a radical natural wine supporter. His worst enemy isn't chemicals though: ironically, it's nature. Wild boar love his grapes, and within a couple of days, they can wipe out a year's worth of hard graft.

Remember to enjoy wine and other alcohols responsibly. 

Duration :

8 min

Available :

From 12/07/2019 to 14/05/2022

Genre :

Documentaries and Reportage

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