The Beginning of an Adventure

Manuel Down Under (1/5)

27 min

Among Calves and Kangaroos

Manuel Down Under (2/5)

From the Ocean to the Desert

Manuel Down Under (3/5)

Ready, Steady, Go!

Manuel Down Under (4/5)

Dog Biscuits and the Crash of Waves

Manuel Down Under (5/5)

The Beginning of an AdventureManuel Down Under (1/5)

Manuel has Down Syndrome but he has dreams like everybody else. He wants to make friends, get a girlfriend and go travel. His friend Julius is coming with him on a trip of a lifetime. The Down Syndrome isn't going to hold him back. He's going roadtripping in Australia for two months. First stop: Melbourne. 

Duration :

27 min

Available :

From 31/12/2021 to 01/03/2022

Genre :

Documentaries and Reportage

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