Romeo and Juliet
Ballet by John Cranko

127 min
Available from 12/08/2018 to 11/09/2018

The Stuttgart Ballet presents one of its most celebrated choreographies, a brilliant performance of "Romeo and Juliet" with music by Sergei Prokofiev and created in 1962 by the South African dancer and choreographer John Cranko.

Director :

Michael Beyer

Actor :

David Moore
Elisa Badenes
Reid Anderson
Melinda Witham
Robert Robinson
Roman Novitzky
Marcia Haydée
Matteo Crockard-Villa
Julia Bergua Orero
Martí Fernández Paixà
Adhonay Soares da Silva
Rolando D'Alesio
Egon Madsen
Rocio Aleman

Music director :

James Tuggle

Costumes :

Jürgen Rose

Dance company :

Stuttgarter Ballett

Choreography :

John Cranko

Composer :

Sergej Prokofjew

Sets :

Jürgen Rose

Orchestra :

Staatsorchester Stuttgart

Country :


Year :