Akram Khan's "Chotto Desh" at La Maison de la Danse in Lyon

ARTE Concert - 56min

Akram Khan’s choreography DESH was a hit with both critics and audiences alike. His collaboration with director Sue Buckmaster to make a children’s adaptation has resulted in Chotto Desh meaning ‘small homeland’, a unique mix of dance, text and visuals. The stories imagined by Karthika Naïr * and Akram Khan tell the dreams of a young man from Britain to Bangladesh. Dennis Alamanos takes on Khan’s role in this film. * The grandmother’s fable in Chotto Desh is taken from the book The Honey Hunter

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Programme information

  • Music
    Jocelyn Pook
  • Production
    24 Images
  • Director
    Luc Riolon
  • Author
    Karthika Naïr, Sue Buckmaster, Akram Khan
  • Dance company
    Akram Khan Company
  • Choreography
    Akram Khan
  • Dance
    Dennis Alamanos
  • Lighting
    Guy Hoare
  • Director
    Sue Buckmaster
  • Country
  • Year