The Precariat Society

When Work Doesn’t Pay

Covid-19 in the USA: A Sickness of the Poor

ARTE Reportage

Hungry in Lock Down

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USA: Homeless Students in California

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89 min

The Euro Only Benefits Rich Countries

Euromyth No. 8

Madagascar: Fighting Poverty

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Israel: Poor Pensioners

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The Precariat SocietyWhen Work Doesn’t Pay

A third of Europeans live in economic insecurity: Zero hours contracts, the fear of redundancy and stagnating wages have brought more and more people into poverty and precariousness and provided fertile conditions for the political extremes. With contributions from geographer Christophe Guilluy, economist Guy Standing, and from people struggling to make ends meet across Europe, this documentary focuses on the new working poor, the precariat.

Duration :

89 min

Available :

From 18/01/2022 to 17/04/2022

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Documentaries and Reportage

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