Bogostreets (3/10)
Activism in the North



Bogostreets (1/10)

Street Art

Bogostreets (2/10)

Voguing Downtown

Bogostreets (3/10)

Activism in the North

Bogostreets (4/10)

Hardcore in Galerías

Bogostreets (5/10)

Tattoo Art in Zona Rosa

Bogostreets (6/10)

Afrostyle in Kennedy

Bogostreets (7/10)

Rap in Ciudad Bolivar

Bogostreets (8/10)

Champeta Remix in Chapinero

Bogostreets (3/10)Activism in the North

On the north side of Bogota, young journalists from the El Espectador newspaper have created ‘La Pulla’ a weekly satirical video on current events in Colombia that has become an internet sensation.

Duration :

5 min

Available :

From 19/11/2018 to 25/10/2021

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