A New Type of Human

Homo Digitalis

9 min
Available from 19/10/2017 to 17/10/2022
Is humanity and technology becoming so meshed together that chips in the brain, 3D printed organs and virtual sex will one day just be considered a normal part of life? And if we were to become no longer totally human, but not totally digital either, would that make us a new species - Homo Digitalis? Are we going to take over evolution and decide for ourselves how we want to change?

Director :

Christiane Miethge, Nils Otte

Image :

Kyrill Ahlvers, Tenzin Sherpa

Music :

Dagmar Petrus, Martha Plachetka

Editing :

Tim Sprado

Production :

Andreas Martin

Producer :

Dietmar Lyssy, Marcus Uhl

Animation :

Anna Hunger, Sven Schulz

Sound :

Gidon Lasch, Nils Otte

Presenter :

Helen Fares

Draughtsman, Graphic artist :

Benny Nero

Country :


Year :