Eternal YouthHomo Digitalis

8 min
Available from 19/10/2017 to 17/10/2022
Eternal life: an impossible dream or our reality in just a few decades? And would you even be willing to modify your DNA to live longer? Is the body is only a computer and DNA the source code? Quite possibly...

Director :
Christiane Miethge, Nils Otte
Image :
Kyrill Ahlvers, Tenzin Sherpa
Music :
Dagmar Petrus, Marthy Plachetka
Editing :
Tim Sprado
Production :
Andreas Martin
Producer :
Dietmar Lyssy, Marcus Uhl
Animation :
Anna Hunger, Sven Schulz
Sound :
Gidon Lasch, Nils Otte
Presenter :
Helen Fares
Draughtsman, Graphic artist :
Benny Nero
Country :
Year :