The Evolution of Human Sexuality

How to Die Clever

How to Die Clever


The Point of Dreams

How to Die Clever


How to Die Clever

Alcohol's Great But Not for Your Health

How to Die Clever

Want to Slim Down? Fat Chance

How to Die Clever

Fear of Flying

How to Die Clever

Honey, I Want to Shrink the Kids

How to Die Clever

When Will Real Lightsabres Be Invented?

How to Die Clever

Jumping Off the Golden Gate Bridge

How to Die Clever

The Evolution of Human SexualityHow to Die Clever

Professor Mustache demystifies science through weird, funny ancedotes. Here, he takes a look at human sexuality. Why don't humans make love like bonobos?

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3 min

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From 09/03/2021 to 30/11/2025

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