ARTE's backstage

The daily life of ARTE, the European Culture Channel and its funny language

One head office, two members

ARTE GEIE, ARTE France and ARTE Deutschland

The head office in Strasbourg is responsible for the programmation and the diffusion of the programmes, the two members ARTE France based in Paris and ARTE Deutschland based in Baden Baden jointly fund ARTE GEIE and provide most of the programmes.



Head office

ARTE is made up of three separate companies in France and Germany: the Strasbourg based European Economic Interest Grouping ARTE GEIE plus two member companies, ARTE France and ARTE Deutschland which are represented in ARTE GEIE’s decision making bodies.


in Strasbourg

located in Strasbourg on the Franco-German border, in the vicinity of the European institutions.

Management Board


The Management Board directs the channel's operations and reports regularly to the General Assembly

Peter Boudgoust

President ARTE GEIE

Anne Durupty

Vice President ARTE GEIE

Alain Le Diberder

Programme Director, Member of the Management Board, Chairperson of the Programme Committee

Armin Breger

Administrative Director and member of the Management Board

General Assembly


The general assembly makes fundamental decisions of strategic importance to the channel, approves the business plan, appoints the member of the management board and top managerial staff to ARTE GEIE

Nicolas Seydoux

Chairperson of the General Assembly ARTE GEIE

Dr. Thomas Bellut

Vice Chairperson of the General Assembly ARTE GEIE

Programme Committee


The Programme Committee sets the channel's editorial policy and drafts the programme schedule

Programme Advisory Committee


The Programme Advisory Committee advises the Management Board and the General Assembly on Programming issues



In both France and Germany, 95% of funding for the channel comes from the direct tax on home television sets


The German member

ARTE Deutschland TV GmbH

The German member

ARTE Deutschland TV GmbH

The entire german contribution to ARTE consists of programmes, often television premieres, which have been either purchased or produces by ARD and ZDF

Peter Latzel

Managing Director ARTE Deutschland

Wolfgang Bergmann

Managing Director ARTE Deutschland

General Assembly

ARTE Deutschland

Chairperson: Lutz Marmor, Vice Chairperson: Dr. Thomas Bellut

Programme advisory committee

ARTE Deutschland

Chairperson: Dr. Michael-Andreas Butz, ZDF, Vice Chairperson: Dr. Thomas Wurzel, HR

Shareholders ARD and ZDF

and its coordinators

The structure of the Baden-Baden based company mirrors the de-centralised organisation of german federal public broadcasting


The French member

ARTE France

The French member

ARTE France and its subsidiaries in Issy-Les-Moulineaux near Paris

Decision-making bodies

Executive Board, Supervisory Board and General Assembly of ARTE France

Véronique Cayla

President ARTE France

Anne Durupty

Chief Executive Officer

Bruno Patino

Editorial Director

Olivier Guillemot

Director of Management and Coordination


European Partners

Partnership Agreements

The Agreements of ARTE GEIE with other European public service broadcasters demonstrates ARTE’s commitment to broadcast programmes that bring Europe’s creativity and diversity to the fore. Partnership Agreements commit ARTE and its associate members to a substantial volume of coproductions as well as to exchange some of their own programmes with each other.

Partnership Agreements commit ARTE and its associate members, the public channels from Austria (ORF), the Czech Republic (CT), Belgium (RTBF) and Poland (TVP), to a substantial number of co-productions as well as programme exchanges. Associate members participate in ARTE’s decision-making and advisory bodies, in a consultant capacity.

Under Cooperation Agreements, the partner channels from Finland (YLE), Greece (ERT) and Switzerland (SRG SSR) develop with ARTE a large number of coproductions spanning all audiovisual genres. Partner channels take part in Programme Committee meetings in an advisory capacity.

In order to promote programme distribution and international creation, ARTE France is active on several international fronts including cooperation with countries bordering Europe, distribution in Africa, synergies with TV5Monde and Canal France International, the ARTE Awards for feature film projects in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America and participation in various documentary training workshops worldwide.