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Chaîne publique culturelle et européenne, ARTE a pour mission de concevoir et diffuser des émissions culturelles favorisant la compréhension et le (...)

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ARTE at a glance

ARTE is a European culture and public service television channel.

Who we are:

A European culture and public service television
founded by France and Germany
ARTE is a European Culture Channel and public service broadcaster founded in 1991, whose mission is to provide cultural programming that promotes unity and understanding among European nations (See Establishment Agreement).
The founding fathers of ARTE, François Mitterrand, Helmut Kohl and Lothar Späth, believed that a joint television channel should bring French and German citizens closer on a cultural level and promote cultural integration throughout Europe. Creating a television channel for two audiences was a first in television’s history and is still an exception in the global TV market to this date.

Our values, our structure, our budget
ARTE stands for creativity, commitment and openness to the world.
ARTE is made up of three separate companies in France and Germany: the European economic interest grouping ARTE GEIE and two member companies acting as editorial and programme production centres, ARTE France and ARTE Deutschland TV GmbH. ARTE has entered into agreements with other European Partner Channels and is present internationally.
ARTE is non-commercial and broadcasts without advertising. TV licence fees in France and Germany provide 95% of the financing.

What we do:

Culture and creativity on all screens
for everyone, anywhere and at any time
ARTE supports talented film-makers as a co-producer and shows ambitious new creations, inventive shorts, and a variety of dramas, crime stories, historical dramas, and series. On offer are also many documentaries that explore new horizons of the natural world and the world of man. In a rapidly changing world, ARTE observes and investigates the daily news of vital interest to Europeans. Not to forget the live music and theatre performances, provocative portraits, behind the scene interviews, the digital arts, and avant-garde magazines.
In a radically changing audiovisual environment, ARTE programmes are expanding from their core broadcasting into a heady mix of innovative formats reaching all screens. Web platforms like ARTE Concert showcasing all the performing arts, ARTE Creative dedicated to contemporary culture and ARTE Future shedding light on the most urgent challenges of our times.
ARTE is carried by cable and satellite operators throughout Europe, Africa and overseas. In France and Germany, ARTE broadcasts 24/7 in brilliant HD quality via all modes of transmission: cable, satellite, DSL and DVB-T while also live streaming to internet and mobile devices.

Where we are:

Headquarters in Strasbourg
at the French-German border
The headquarters of ARTE GEIE are based in Strasbourg. The building was opened on 13 October 2003, close to the European institutions, and has been designed by an architectural team led by Professor Hans Struhk and his Strasbourg partner, Maechel.Delaunay.Jund. It allows for some 450 workstations on 14,350 m2 of floor space. ARTE GEIE houses “Der Giraffenmann”/“L’homme-girafe”, a sculpture of the German artist Stephan Balkenhol, as well as “La grande ourse”, a work by French artist Lydie Arickx.
The two member companies acting as editorial and programme production centres are ARTE France in Paris (Issy-Les-Moulineaux) and ARTE Deutschland in Baden-Baden.

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