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Der öffentlich-rechtliche europäische Kulturkanal ARTE hat den Auftrag, Fernsehsendungen zu gestalten und auszustrahlen, die das Verständnis und die Annäherung (...)

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ARTE relies on the television licence fee for 95% of its financing, in France as well as in Germany. The channel is not permitted to show commercials, but may seek other ways of developing its own sources of income, in particular by attracting sponsorship.

ARTE is a financially independent, selfgoverning entity. In addition to management controls exercised by two controllers appointed by the General Assembly (currently Olivier Guillemot and Peter Latzel) and the financial controls provided by the auditors, an external control function has been created to check on the implementation of resolutions adopted by the General Assembly, compliance with current legislative requirements and the effective use of funds.

2013 Budget for ARTE GEIE, ARTE France and ARTE Deutschland*
(in millions of Euros)

Documentaries, Magazines116,97
Film, Drama98,02
Live and Performing Arts26,13
2nd Language Version18,01
Royalty Payments17,65
Human Resources61,51

*ARTE GEIE is jointly funded by the two ARTE France and ARTE Deutschland members. The latter, moreover, provide a similar volume of programmes that they either produce or purchase depending on the organization of their public service broadcasting and the production procedures in use in France and Germany.

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